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At Suncoast Publishing, we get a lot of questions about Local SEO and the importance of ranking a local business in the search engines. Most business owners are extremely busy running their day to day operations and just don’t have the time to devote to marketing and they don’t see the connection between ranking in Google and getting more customers. Here is an example of one of our customers who is now not only ranking for their top keywords, but they are enjoying the end result of more phone calls and many more new customers.

This is an actual example of one of our clients from start to finish. Our client, Pamela Nonen CPRW, is a professional resume writing service located in San Diego, CA. When we had our initial consultation, the client had just created a website which was functional and got the message across to their customers. We did an analysis of the client’s local market, keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization and their local competition.  After we analyzed the data, we put together a Local SEO campaign, on-page optimization plan, along with a dedicated back linking schedule.

Below is a screen shot of the client’s initial position organic search results for keyword “resumes san diego”

SEO Campaign Start

Here is a screen shot of the client’s local position at the start of the campaign for “resume san diego”

Local SEO Campaign begin

After we had the campaign in full swing, we began seeing results. Not only ranking results, but the client was beginning to get phone calls. As the client found out, the ranking equates into visibility. The client’s customers are out there, looking for products and services to fill their own needs. The key to a successful Local SEO Campaign is to connect the client’s customers with the client, which equates into more business and more revenue for the client.

Below you will see screen shots of the client’s position after the campaign had really begun to take effect.

Here is the organic rank in search results for “san diego resume”, actually showing up above the local results.

Resume SEO Rank

Here is a screen shot of the local search results for “resume writer san diego”

Local SEO Campaign Results


The client is currently very busy and extremely pleased with the results. With local business, it’s all about local customers.  They are out there, looking for your business.  The question is: Will they find you or your competitors first?

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