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When people search for your product or service, do they find you or your competitors? Is your business in the 3-Pack for your top keyword + city?

Let’s face it, if you are a local business in today’s economic climate, you need phone calls. The problem is that most business owners are either too busy to even think about online marketing, or they don’t understand enough about it to even know where to begin.

This is a common problem for many local businesses as consumers go straight to their phone, tablet or PC when looking for anything that they need. It’s no question that having your business show up in the 3 pack leads to higher visibility for your business, more phone calls and increased sales.

The big question is: what can you do about it? Well, one option is to hire someone and train them to market your business. The problem with that option is that you have to have a training program and a strategy to be able to turn them into a marketing specialist that will be able to help you. Also you would be taking on another employee and all of the expenses that go along with that: insurance, payroll taxes, etc… You would need to evaluate if that is the right option. Maybe it would be better to find someone who already understands what it takes to get into the 3-pack.

Maybe what you really need is a professional who understands digital marketing and knows how to run an effective Local SEO Maps Campaign. That’s where we come in.

Welcome to Suncoast Local Marketing

What We Do For Your Business

Suncoast Local Marketing understands Local SEO Maps and the importance of getting phone calls from your customers. We can help you with your marketing efforts and help you to reach targeted local customers that are trying to find you.

As your Local Marketing Consultant, we offer the following services to maximize your business exposure:

  • Analysis of Your Current Website

  • Targeted Keyword Research

  • Optimize and Properly Structure Your Website For Maps

  • Claim and Optimize Your Local Listings

  • Optimize Your Website For Your GEO Location and Niche

  • Optimize Offpage For Your GEO Location and Niche

  • Evaluate What Needs To Be Done For a Successful Campaign

  • Provide Personal Service

  • Help You To Get More Customers and Phone Calls

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